Assessment Tools for Law Enforcement

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FSS provides trainings on the use of Risk Assessment Tools for the Courts, Probation and Parole and Pre-Trial Services.  We provide training for Correctional Facilities in approved suicide risk assessment and Risk/Needs/Receptivity needs for developing optimum treatment programs.  We also train Law Enforcement Personnel in assessing for suicide or violence risk including assessing situations for potential Suicide By Cop.  We also work with institutions seeking to develop Threat Assessment Teams and choosing planning and assessment strategies.

A Primer on Risk/Needs/Receptivity Based Assessments and Treatment
(Corrections and Courts)
Suicide Assessment and Intervention for Police/ Corrections/ Criminal Justice Staff
Suicide By Cop: Assessment, Intervention and Aftermath (MPOETC Certified)
Assessing the Risk of Violence and Impairment
Threat Assessment for Institutions