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With an appropriate balance of theoretical and practical consultation, combined with hands-on support, FSS consultants will provide you with a wide range of tools to achieve positive outcomes in every stage of your project. Typically this hands-on support is in the beginning stages of a project and works towards identifying and preparing local personnel to assume on-going responsibility for the project.

Whether as a contracted option or on a fee-for-service basis we can work in areas including:

Assistance in locating appropriate grants, grant writing and preparation for submission;
Facilitating Forensic Task Forces and Committees;
Researching, creating effective surveys and questionnaires;
Interviewing personnel for research and study purposes;
Assisting staff in developing effective training programs;
Meeting with leadership and funding sources to provide education, advocacy and garnering support;

Whatever type of support FSS provides you can be assured that it will include active, collaborative participation in the process.