Pennsylvania Forensic Interagency Task Force

The Pennsylvania Forensic Inter-Agency Task Force provides a system wide forum for representatives of the mental health, substance abuse, criminal justice, social service, and advocacy systems to improve access to and quality of services for persons with severe mental illness and often co-occurring substance use disorders involved or at risk of involvement in the criminal justice system.  

The Task Force will:

  1. Provide Presentations in Evidence Based and Promising Practices that address system wide needs.
  2. Address system wide issues with working committees that will work towards forensic system-wide methods for information sharing, qualitative and quantitative data gathering and in-depth analysis.
  3. Serve as a problem solving body dealing with system wide or system transitional issues, supporting those agencies whose policies and procedures have a system wide effect.
  4. Work towards institutionalizing a collaborative system wide approach to written protocols and procedures dealing with navigating between agencies.

Below are the narratives from recent, regularly held Task Force meetings: